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The majority of my professional career has been within the B2B sector — specifically high-ticket SaaS. Without getting uninteresting, it’s well established that B2B sales/marketing lifecycles are long and complex compared to eCommerce and B2C.

The reason is perhaps that the number of touchpoints can vary greatly and even the most comprehensive and well-executed marketing plan can pale in comparison to a well-placed referral. Such is the nature of B2B software.

This is especially true with well-established brands and verticals.

B2C product lifecycles have a very different complexion.

Known products or services are “easy” to market because there typically isn’t a great deal of customization during the purchase phase.

Take a brand like Coca-Cola. I can’t imagine their sales pitches involving too much complexity.

“So yeah, Coca-Cola is great. People love Coca-Cola. You should add Coca-Cola to your inventory and your sales will increase by X%. Coca-Cola!”

Simple enough.

But because of that brand superiority and simple buyer proposition, that brand is the lifeblood of the value of the company.

Our product at Liquiditeam is a customizable fan platform that can serve every brand in different ways. This means some entities we speak to understand the utility instantly while others question why or how this benefits them.

So after hearing such questions, we naturally condensed the utility of our product into 5 bite-sized advantages. Rather than cloak them in marketing speak, here they are.

1. Build a direct-to-consumer online platform

All digital fan attention currently happens on social media. But it’s the platform operators — the Facebooks and Twitters of this world — who benefit the most. That’s why you need to establish your own platform and build a business model for the digital attention economy. LT Fan Platform makes this very convenient. You can easily build a direct-to-consumer business around subscriptions and/or digital goods as well as create engaging new digital sponsorship activations.

2. Access some very actionable and lucrative user data

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are social media networks on the surface. But beneath all of them are powerful advertising engines that are leveraging all the insights they’ve gathered about you.

With your own platform, you can start collecting that data for yourself, serving your users personalized and interesting content, and leveraging those valuable insights to secure sponsorships.

typical monthly user reports
Speaking of sponsorships…

3. Value-adding digital sponsorship activations

One aspect of sports we wanted to tweak was making sponsorships less intrusive on the fan experience. As we know, typical digital advertising is not smooth. Fans tend to dislike it and the conversion rates tend to be low.

With the LT Fan Platform, we supply the operator with the opportunity to promote brand partnerships in unintrusive ways for the user.

As they normally interact with the content on the platform, you can award sponsored tokens, giveaways, content, etc.

And pairing this native element with the extra user metrics you gain, you can see how sponsors might be lining up to get in front of your most loyal and engaged fans.

4. Encourage engagement and give your fans a stake


Today’s digital native fans don’t want to just be passive consumers of your brand, they want to interact. And more importantly, they want to interact with their favorite clubs in ways that feel native to their existing social habits. This is why we build the LT Fan Platform with the user in mind. It has several native tokenized fan engagement features that the fans won’t feel is a cheap sponsorship add-on and makes it a natural part of the community.

Fans can earn, purchase, and use your platform’s custom fan token within the ecosystem. This includes creating content, boosting content, voting on team decisions, etc. As an operator, you choose the level of decision-making prowess the fans have.

5. Aggregate your scattered fan base

It is tough to analyze the efficacy of your social and marketing when your fans are so scattered. A central platform that houses your most loyal and engaged fans will pay for itself quickly with the high conversion rates, engagement rates, and usage rates. Leverage those KPIs with sponsors and advertisers and you will quickly see the massive ROI of the platform.

Additionally, your centralized platform can have smaller sub-groups for different languages, regions, interests, etc. I know that sounds counter-intuitive as you attempt to centralize but it all falls under the same fan app umbrella and is merely a way for your fans to find like-minded individuals.

Closing Thoughts

While our product might seem like a new idea, it aims to solve longstanding problems in the creator/content economy. That aim is to provide a centralized place for brands to bring their users — specifically brands that are natural content creators or looking to become one.

And to help spread the word, we launched our Early Adopter Club to try to achieve this. The club is open to teams, athletes, and creators to try the platform with zero software licensing costs for the first year. Essentially, the only investment for you is the effort to operate the platform. The reason for this program is to get our solution into the hands of as many users as is possible so we can continue iterating and optimizing to make it the best solution on the market.

If you are interested to learn more, check out our website, schedule a demo, or fill out your Early Adopter Club application right here:


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