Dennis Schröder Launches his Blockchain-Fan Community



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The success of any company comes down to the awesome and crucial early believers in what you are doing. Dennis Schröder was one of those believers when he decided to take a leap with us — and today, we are thrilled that he is going live with his DS17 Community. It is a blockchain-based fan platform and app that will enable his fans to engage with the future Boston Celtics point guard, participate in fan votings, and get exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the life of an NBA player.

You can check out the web app here:

Back in February of this year, Dennis decided to collaborate with us and use our white label fan solution that enables athletes, sports teams, and creators to launch their own fan community with their own dedicated blockchain utility token within the platform.

From Dennis:

“The color of my next basketball shoes, my neighbor in the locker room, or the appetizer at dinner? Whatever it ends up being that my fans around the world get to vote on: Thanks to Liquiditeam’s fan platform, I’m taking a new approach to connecting with my fans,”

After the launch of the BVB FanToken App and the International BVB Fan App, Dennis Schröder’s DS17 Community is the first well-known individual athlete to use our platform.

“Dennis wants to find new ways to engage with fans in ways that are different and interactive. We are thrilled he is putting his trust in us as we think we are helping creators do just that. Whether teams, sports organizations, individual athletes, or creators — they all have the unique opportunity to consolidate and expand their fan community using our technology,”

Dennis Schröder is the first individual athlete, but a sign of things to come as other sports clubs and individual athletes are to be added in the coming weeks and months. Among them is the racing team T3 Motorsport, which agreed to launch its own community very recently. More on that to follow!

“Blockchain is the new hot segment and a lot of sports entities are looking to get involved. Our approach is different because we give you the platform and tools to experiment with NFTs, sponsored tokens, premium content models, and more. We are just excited to be talking to many interested and enthusiastic parties,”

Things are moving fast here at Liquiditeam as our product has developed and improved significantly in the past months. Dennis and Borussia Dortmund represent two of our early adopters and two key users of our platform as we look forward to improving and iterating on the tech.

This also involves onboarding more enthusiastic users to try the platform. We currently have an “Early Adopter Club” for such interested parties to use the platform risk-free and low cost. You can sign up below and we will reach out to see if there is a good fit.


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