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Braunschweig, November 03, 2021 –  With the hype and success of Dennis Schröder’s first free limited NFT collection, users of the DS17 community who missed out can get a second chance as he is set to launch the 2nd collection in November.

As with the previous NFT pack, the November collection contains five different cards, which range in 5 different rarities types (from common to unique). 

The NFTs of the Boston Celtics pro are referred to as eNFTs, where the “e” stands for “engagement”. This means that they can only be “earned” by participating in the community. It’s a step Dennis consciously decided to take: “My approach to these NFT collections are a little different. I want to thank my fans for their support and for being so active in my community and this is my way to both thank them and motivate them to keep it up..”

Another difference to conventional digital collectibles, which are usually intended to encourage collecting, trading and selling, is the fact that Schröder’s NFTs are intended to give owners special privileges in the future – for example, access to exclusive content or the chance to participate in events.

Hendrik Hoppenworth, Co-Founder and CEO of Liquiditeam, on whose LT Fan Platform solution the DS17 app is based, says: “Adding NFTs to Dennis’ app was an interesting project and turned out to be the right move from the success of the first collection. The approach of rewarding users for their engagement went down very well with fans, as did the fact that our NFTs are not just collectible cards, but will give owners cool perks and privileges.”

With his NFT collection, Dennis Schröder has made a clear statement in terms of fan engagement: As the first professional athlete to distribute free limited edition NFTs  to his fans to thank them for their support.

The DS17 Community app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store or accessed via web browser (

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