How Dennis Schröder Rewarded Fan Content with an NFT



Product and Digital Marketing Manager
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If you ever participated in competitive sports or hobbies, you might be familiar with the feeling of validation/recognition when you win or perform well.

Athletes and celebrities receive this often for their work.

We thought to ourselves: 

“Wouldn’t it be cool and effective if that could be applied to fans?”

Dennis Schröder did just that in his fan app.

Two of Dennis’ core goals with his fan app is to interact with fans and reward them for their support. A direct way to accomplish this was to use NFT gifts.

He did this via The Fan Social Media post of the month award. A while ago, Dennis nominated social media content he liked, put them up for a voting on his platform, and let his fans select their favorite fan social post. The winner then received a customized unique NFT as a reward, as the screenshot above shows.

Our take.

We think that’s a pretty nice fan activation that doubles as a nice viral marketing tactic: nominated users will likely share the link to the voting and drive their audience to the platform. 

And by recognizing top fan engagement, fans may consequently feel more inclined and motivated to contribute positive interactions with Dennis’ brand.

That’s all for this post.

Just wanted to share this cool activation strategy.




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