Thorsten Legat Goes Live with His Fan Community



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An interesting new Fan Platform use case just went live as Thorsten Legat launched his new fan community this past weekend.

The project signifies an interesting use case of the LT Fan Platform. As an ex-footballer turned television personality, Thorsten has grown an interesting fan base.

His fan community revolves around the German television show, “Ich Bin Ein Star,” and this theme is JungleCamp.

On his platform, everything revolves around the reality show “Ich Bin Ein Star”, also known as Dschungelcamp. As a former participant, Thorsten Legat analyzes the events and shares his insider information. In instant reaction shows with other celebrity guests, each episode is analyzed with his personal commentary. He also involves his community in the form of votings and ideation missions.

Also exciting: He has started an NFT Challenge. If all of his jungle NFTs are sold within a certain period of time, he gets involved in any task voted on by the NFT holders.

This use case is interesting because essentially, any television show, movie, etc. can have a similar fan community that can also be controlled and managed by fans.

Head to to check it out (German)

You can easily start your own fan platform here:


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