How to Boost Audience Engagement with AMAs, Votings, and Ideations



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Fan participation is the holy grail for creators. What I mean by that is that an engaged and rabid fan base is like a self-sustaining ecosystem with incredible potential.

It’s actually the most distinguishable characteristic of Web2: A two-way road between creators and users.

In Unyfy, our goal is to create out-of-box modules that allow creators to easily create such content. A way to manufacture engagement I suppose.

We refer to these modules as “participation content.” #creativenaming

Within that bucket, we have AMAs, Ideation Missions, and Votings.

AMAs – self-explainable. Host an AMA topic and users can submit questions. Other users can vote on questions and top-voted questions will get answered.

Ideation Missions – You open the floor for users to submit ideas around a topic.

Votings – Users vote on specific options using either tokens or just a per-user vote.

And on that note, I published this video that intends to display some of the interesting potential interplays between AMAs, ideations, and votings within Unyfy.

This guide expands on a segment covered in the Setup Guide video which can be found here:…

The setup guide is a 1-hour walk-thru video where I go from platform birth to customization, creating content, NFTs, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about Unyfy, or if you want to go ahead and create your own platform, we have a free trial that has all functionality. Check it out here.


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