NFT Packs are Here: Let the Collecting Begin



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Nostalgia is powerful.

Remember begging your parents for $5 to buy a pack of your favorite trading cards?

Remember the feeling you had opening that crisp pack, the smell of the printed cards, the excitement of seeing what you got?

We wanted to bring that nostalgia to Unyfy while combining it with the technology of today: NFTs.

NFT Packs are here.

You can now offer your fans NFT packs filled with either specific or randomized NFTs.

It’s our way of recreating that pack-opening experience in a modern format.

NFT Packs on LT Fan Platform

For now, there are 2 basic ways to structure the packs:

  • You can create specific packs where the user knows exactly which NFTs they will get, which can be particularly attractive for collectors.
  • Or you can make it randomized and exciting. Each pack will include an amount of random NFTs from a particular collection.

We have different modes for different target groups and different purposes. You decide what suits you and your users best.

You can essentially mix and match random drops with specific packs to create interesting campaigns around events, launches, announcements, etc.


For now, you can sell the packs from your store for either tokens or direct fiat (cash).

We do plan to make NFT packs rewardable and giftable so that platform engagement can lead to earning packs. But stay tuned for more information on that.


Packs represent another way to engage your fans and generate interest in more interesting ways.

This means another layer of gamification that can help entice users to get involved and participate with your brand.

Naturally, this opens up the opportunity for creators to ask their fans to help with charity crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, brand decisions and much more.

It also opens up the door for sponsored NFT pack drops with your affiliates and partners.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more info on our social channels.


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