Front end attacker

All Humans Welcome

Frontend Packaging (Webpack, Babel, PostCSS and similar tools) and fundamental knowledge of UX/UI design

All about Liquiditeam

Liquiditeam works at the intersection of three exciting worlds: Professional Sports, the Creator Economy, and Blockchain.

Our core product is the modular, blockchain-based SaaS solution LT Fan Platform. This enables clubs, professional athletes, and creators to create their own tokenized community for their fans to provide them with exclusive content, experiences and interactions away from the major social media platforms. In addition, LT Fan Platform enables our customers to build their own business models around their community in no time.

With our LT Sports Invest, we also enable new innovative forms of financing around digital securities.

Our customers include Borussia Dortmund, NBA player Dennis Schröder and T3 Motorsports.

Your Role

We need you to focus on developing our progressive web app towards a state-of-the-art example of digital aesthetics and user-friendliness.

Your Skills and Experience