Unyfy Alternatives

Check out how Unyfy compares with other options in premium content, web3, and more.

At a Glance

Unyfy offers many of the fundamental features of similar products in the segment but builds on top of that with a focus on web3 via creator tokens, NFTs, and content boosting.

Common Questions

Q: So many features, is it complex?

We built the unyfy interface as modular as possible meaning you can enable or disable features with a simple toggle. While the platform is robust in features, every aspect of the platform can be edited using meta fields – this means no coding needed.

Q: My own creator token? What can I do with it?

Your creator tokens are the lifeblood of your fan community. You can distribute tokens to engaged users, sell them as packs, or award them via subscriptions. The tokens can then be used by your users to boost content, participate in votings, and show support for your community. Think of them like governance and engagement resources.

Q: And NFTs, what can I do with them?

You can mint, distribute, and sell NFTs directly within your platform. You can either drop them as automated rewards for engagement, sell them one-off, or create packs that users can purchase. NFTs can also be used as „tickets“ within the platform and you can allow content or experiences to only be available for owners of particular NFTs. 

Q: I want both free and premium content. Is this possible?

The platform was created for content creators and thus, you can create free and searchable content to build awareness and reach a mass audience. You can then publish premium content only available to particular users. You can create subscription only content, a-la-carte (token-locked) content, and as mentioned, content available to NFT holders.

Q: What blockchain does it run on?

To help cut fees, save time, and eliminate any environmental concerns, we built unyfy on top of a private Ethereum side-chain. This means the assets are not run on Ethereum’s mainnet, which would typically include high gas fees, processing energy, and time.


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NFT Packs are Here: Let the Collecting Begin

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