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your own token-powered platform

Launch your community with your own creator token powered by our web3 content and community engine.

Unlockable content and experiences

Fans can unlock exclusive content and experiences with their tokens. Tokens can be earned, purchased, or awarded.

Make your superfans co-pilots

Your creator tokens let fans co-create and grant them influence in your personal “metaverse”.

More fan-friendly ways to earn

Fans want more than subscriptions. Creator tokens and our Utility NFTs give you flexible options they will appreciate.

My creator token is like my own digital in-game currency and has given my fans more stake.

Dennis Schröder
NBA Player
Reputation and Community Currency

Your community members earn tokens when they actively contribute. So, your creator tokens are, in a sense, a representation of their owners’ reputation in your community. Your creator tokens also give its owners more options and influence in your personal “metaverse”. Your fans can use them to boost (think upvote) questions, content, and ideas.


You can create premium content that your fans can unlock using their creator tokens. Such a “tokenwall” is a great, fan-friendly alternative to offering subscriptions. You can also make NFTs unlockable with creator tokens.

Distribution is Key
There are three ways to distribute them. You can combine them all or focus on one. You can sell creator tokens either in individual packs or as part of a subscription/membership. To accept payments, you have to connect a Stripe account.
Rewarding Contributions
You can reward the activity and valuable contributions of your community with creator tokens. And using Token Giveaways, you can create rules and automations that reward user actions according to your needs.
Sponsored Tokens
Drive valuable interactions between brands and fans: enable engaging campaigns that connect your fans and your advertisers in meaningful ways. Using Sponsored Giveaways, your partners can reward all kinds of user actions with your creator tokens.