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Why should sports clubs use lt fan platform?

LT Fan Platform readies your club to succeed in the global digital attention economy. Stop completely depending on the big social media corporations for your digital fan relationship. Take back control over your brand, data, and digital business.

Launch your own tokenized platform – without having to write a single line of code – and create an engaging, interactive, mobile-first home for your fans.

Social Tokens and NFTs let you build lasting connections with your loyal fans and give them a stake in your narrative, direction, and content. Using digital collectibles, a rewarding gamified user experience, various fan interactions, premium content options, and more, you can easily create a one-stop-shop for your fans.

We designed LT Fan Platform from the ground up to empower sports clubs to build a sustainable digital business based on their fans’ passion. Sell subscriptions, token packs, and NFTs directly to your super fans. And create fan-centric digital sponsorship activations that can drive conversion and foster a deeper connection between your partners and fans.

Sports CLUBS Trusting LT Fan Platform

Borussia Dortmund

Basketball Löwen Braunschweig

Why Sports Clubs Love LT Fan Platform

Digital collectibles and merch with NFTs

Rewarding digital sponsorship activations

Gamified fan experiences for more retention

Co-create with your fans and connect your partners

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