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LT Fan Platform

A tokenized ecosystem for your fans.

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Enabling Your Passion-Based Business Model

Community. Content. Participation.

Is your digital fan relationship too dependent on the big social media platforms? Are you looking for a solution that gives you more control & digital business opportunities without compromising in convenience and user experience?

With LT Fan Platform, every professional sports club and athlete can now create an engaging digital home for their fanbase - and build a digital-native business model on top with ease.

Check out Borussia Dortmund’s BVB-FanToken App to get a first glimpse of LT Fan Platform’s capabilities. To find out how it can support your digital business, schedule a demo below.

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Capabilities & Use Cases

Develop Your Premium Content Business

Are you prepared to compete in the digital attention economy? Millenial & GenZ sports fans live in a creator-driven media landscape. They have high expectations in content, interactions & user experiences. LT Fan Platform powers your premium content business, including memberships, subscriptions and digital item sales.

Empower Your Fanbase

Are you looking for new ways to make a membership more attractive? Do you want to leverage the wisdom of the crowd that lies dormant in your fanbase? LT Fan Platform provides you with the right tools such as votings, crowd ideations and more. Securely powered by immutable and tamper-proof blockchain technology.

Turn Your Fans into Co-Creators

Do you want to make your fans a part of your narrative? Are you looking for new, engaging ways to tell your stories? LT Fan Platform allows you to do just that! Check out the BVB Fans International App to see LT Fan Platform in action.

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Infrastructure as-a-Service

Customized to Your Needs

Your fans want you!

Because of this, we developed LT Fan Platform as a digital infrastructure that powers your business. Your brand is front and center, while our technology does its job quietly in the background.

Thanks to our modular architecture, Fan Platform can be fully customized and adjusted to your needs. Whether you want to create and monetize engaging premium content, turn your fans into co-creators of their fan experience, or give them new ways to participate in decisions: our tokenized platform has you covered.

The best part? We are currently accepting applications for our Early Adopter Club!

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