4 Unique Ways Creators Can Use NFTs

In this article, I cover some specific and concise use cases in which digital creators can use NFTs. From selling them to giving owners access to exclusive communities, NFTs have considerable utility.

The Attention Economy Cold War

Attention Media Cold War blog post

As social media platforms jokey to win our attention, platform ownership is a way for creators/artists to own their audience and create new business models.

uNFTs: More Utility and UX for NFTs

uNFTs product release header image

We are bringing non-fungible tokens to LT Fan Platform, our customizable, social, and tokenized solution that empowers creators, rightsholders, and everyone with a fan base to create their own social community.

The Utility NFT Classification Guide

into the NFTverse blog post header image

The uNFT classification guide is our attempt at defining NFTs 2.0, or utility NFTs, and includes categorizing buckets of use cases and highlighting companies who seem to be headed in that direction.