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Why should Athletes use unyfy?

Athletes who are content creators on the side not only increase their personal brand, they open new sponsorship opportunities and increase their leverage as a business entity.

With unyfy, you reach your fans directly, control your narrative, and grow your brand value. Social Tokens and NFTs let you build lasting connections with your loyal fans and give them a stake in your narrative, direction, and content. Using digital collectibles, fan rewards, premium content options, and more, you can easily create a one-stop-shop for your fans.

Unlike the big social media platforms, unyfy empowers athletes creators to build a sustainable digital business around their fans’ passion. Sell exclusive insights via subscriptions, token packs, and NFTs directly to your super fans and/or create engaging campaigns with your advertising partners using our fan-centric digital sponsorship tools.

AthleteS Who use unyfy

Dennis Schröder

Why athletes Love unyfy

Targeted and high-conversion sponsorships

Premium social content (free or token-walled)

Merchandise and giveaway campaigns

Digital collectibles like uNFTs and rareables

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