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Why should Creators use unyfy?

As a creator and influencer, you are highly dependent on the big social media platforms to publish and find an audience. Unyfy offers you more independence and control over your business. It also comes with plenty of possibilities to engage your fans and superfans, and make exclusive offerings.

Easily launch your very own tokenized, blockchain-powered platform and create a mobile-first home for your audience. Social Tokens and NFTs let you build lasting connections with your loyal fans and give them a stake in your work (or life), direction, and content. As a hybrid social publishing platform, it encourages fan engagement and participation. Your platform also acts as the much-needed central hub for your fans from all channels across the social web.

We designed unyfy from the ground up to enable creators to build a sustainable business around their work and their fans’ passion. Sell subscriptions, token packs, and NFTs directly to your super fans and/or create engaging campaigns with your advertising partners using our fan-centric digital sponsorship tools.

What Creators Love About unyfy

Digital collectibles and merch with NFTs

Premium social content (subs and a-la-carte)

Merchandise and giveaway campaigns

Co-creation with your audience, for your and your sponsors

FTBA v3 logo

FTBA, the Scottish Football Fan Universe is a fan-controlled platform made by fans, for fans. They cover all things related to the Scottish football team and are using the platform in some interesting ways including:

– Launching fan votings on team news

– Covering live matches and post-game analysis

– And soon, live match watchalongs

Try unyfy for free and explore all the tools you need to start and grow your WEB3 creator business.

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