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Why should community ORGANIZERS use unyfy?

Do you want to build or create a central hub for your community? Whether you want to create a community around a common interest, cause, activity, or place: unyfy is the ideal solution for community organizers to host their communities. 

The combination of publishing tools and social features turns Fan Platform into a powerful tool that allows you to attract people, create conversations, and build a network. Your community members can participate in community activities, exchange ideas or coordinate events easily. You can even empower your community and give them a say in your community governance using votings, proposals, and ideations.

Using social tokens and NFTs, you can create a fun, gamified experience that regularly rewards the contributions of your members, giving extra meaning to their activity. Our range of monetization tools give you various options to build revenue streams to sustain your community. You can offer premium memberships, tokens, or NFTs to your members directly or offer sponsors attractive ways to connect with your community using our sponsorship tools. 

Why Community Organizers Love unyfy

Interactive fan votings and governance

Premium social content (subs and a-la-carte)

Create NFTs exclusive to community members

Co-creation with your audience, for your and your sponsors

Envoy Foundation is an environmental-focussed organisation that aims to scale-up the impact of work being done by conservationists, scientists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who are working towards a world free of animal and ecosystem exploitation, aligning with our mission, vision, and values.

– Selling EarthTokens, which are the native tokens on the app to raise funds for sustainability endeavors

– Announcing news and updates on sustainability projects

– Releasing films and documentaries to fans

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