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Why should RIGHTSHOLDERS use unyfy?

Unyfy allows rightsholders like leagues or associations to connect with a digital-native fan base and turn their IP into a digital asset.

Your own tokenized platform brings you the best of many worlds in one place: OTT, NFTs, social media, premium content, gamification, and fan engagement. Social Tokens and NFTs let you build lasting connections with your loyal fans and give them a stake in your story.

The feed-based, mobile-first social publishing platform makes digital-natives happy while handing you more control and data than the traditional social media conglomerates. Using digital collectibles, a rewarding gamified user experience, various fan interactions, premium content options, and more, you can easily create a one-stop-shop for your fans.

Unyfy enables rightsholders to build a sustainable digital business based on their IP and their fans’ passion. Sell subscriptions, token packs, and NFTs directly to your super fans. And create fan-centric digital sponsorship activations that can drive conversion and foster a deeper connection between your partners and fans.

Why sports associations and leagues Love US

Engaging digital sponsorships with tokens

Gamification and prediction games

Premium social content (free or token-walled)

Digital collectibles and merch with NFTs

Sports associations and leagues using unyfy

Borussia Dortmund

T3 Motorsport

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