Do you want to learn more about blockchain and tokenization in the sports business? We condensed our team’s knowledge and experience into introductory webinars and bespoke workshops that will bring you up-to-speed. Moreover, we publish our thinking regularly.

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Our concise webinars help digital creators and sports professionals to understand the fascinating and highly dynamic space of tokenization.

Tokenizing the Creator Economy

Here’s why tokenization and web3 will reshape the creator economy.
TokenizationSocial TokensFan TokensNFTs

Utility NFTs for Creator & Sports

Leveraging Utility NFTs to engage your fans and create an independent digital business.
NFTsFan EngagementCreator Economy

Tokenizing the World of Sports

How blockchain and tokenization will change professional sports in the 21st century.
TokenizationPro SportsBasics

Security Token Offerings for Professional Sports

Understanding the potential of security-token-based financing solutions for professional sports clubs and athletes.
Asset TokenizationCrowdfundingFanvestors

Tokenization for Professional Athletes

Taking a look into a future where athletes use tokens to raise money and build lasting, direct relationships with their fans.
Player EmpowermentRisk ReductionFan Relations


A Content Creator’s Guide to Web3
A Content Creator’s Guide to Web3

Web3 content creators need to master the art of community and use solutions that enable a maximized experience for users.

How to Boost Audience Engagement with AMAs, Votings, and Ideations
How to Boost Audience Engagement with AMAs, Votings, and Ideations

Let's discuss some of the interesting potential interplays between AMAs, ideations, and votings within LT Fan Platform.

3 Digital Business Models for Sports Brands
3 Digital Business Models for Sports Brands

3 business models that sports brands can implement to both increase revenue and reach new global fans.

What Makes an NFT Valuable?
What Makes an NFT Valuable?

How do we, as suppliers of NFTs, convince the market that whatever asset we are distributing is valuable?

How to Gate Premium Content with Tokens
How to Gate Premium Content with Tokens

There are two distinct factions of people in the world. Forget race, class, gender, nationality, etc. The two factions that truly matter in this life are: people who hate gated content (or paywalls) and people who enjoy it and use it. If we can solve this generational rift, we can solve many of the world’s

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