Security Token Offerings for Professional Sports

Asset Tokenization

Liquiditeam 2021

This webinar gives an overview of the new financing form called security token offering (STO) and explains how sports businesses and professional athletes can use it.

For You

Sports business C-level executives, particularly CEOs, CFOs, and CDOs
Sports business experts for finance, innovation, and digitization

What It's all about

Security token offerings are a new alternative financing instrument. Sports clubs and athletes can use this tool to issue securities to investors as well as fans in the manner of crowdfunding. Thanks to the digital form of tokenized assets, they can be more powerful and interactive than legacy assets: they are programmable and can be designed with features that were formerly impossible. This makes them suitable not only as a fundraising instrument but also as a fan engagement tool.

In this webinar, we explain the basics of STOs, look at the unique possibilities they create in the sports industry and give an overview of how STOs work in practice.

What you will learn

What are Security Tokens?

A brief history and nomenclature of tokens, an overview of security token properties and the regulatory landscape

STOs in Professional Sports

An overview of the possibilities security tokens create for sports businesses and athletes, both as a financial instrument and fan engagement tool.

How to perform an STO

What capabilities do you need to perform an STO and how should you organize the project?

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