TOkenization for professional athletes

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The sports industry is undergoing massive changes. Players are more connected to fans than ever before. Now, they begin to leverage this relationship to kickstart innovative business opportunities.


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Professional athletes
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What It's all about

Digitization and social media have changed the balance of power in the sports industry. Unlike ever before, professional athletes today possess the tools and skills to build and maintain direct relationships with their fans. Some have millions of followers on Instagram, others launch their own direct-to-consumer brands, and again others create their own media businesses. The next frontier: athletes turning themselves into an investment opportunity.

In this webinar, we explain the new phenomenon of tokenization and security token offerings and look at the various ways in which professional athletes can make use of this innovative technology.

What you will learn

The Player Empowerment Age

Why athletes are more powerful than ever, how this came to be and where it may lead to.

What is Tokenization?

The ABC of tokenization: asset tokenization, blockchain, cryptocurrency etc.

STOs for Professional Athletes

An overview of the possibilities security tokens create for professional athletes, both as a financial instrument and fan engagement tool.


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