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Liquiditeam 2021

Here’s why tokenization and web3 will reshape the creator economy significantly in the next years.

This Webinar is for

Digital creators of all sorts such as video creators, podcaster, musicians, visual artists, or authors.
Talent managers and agents.

What It's all about

Tokenization and Web3 will have a big influence on the shape of the creator economy. While the big social media platforms have been vital for the emergence of the creator economy, they now exercise a lot of power. Tokenization promises to give creators more ownership over their platform, new ways to connect with their fans and alternative business models.

In this webinar, we explain social, fan and community tokens as well as NFTs and look at the various ways in which creators can utilize them.

What you will learn

Platform Ownership

Why creators increasingly care about platform ownership and how to get there.

Understanding Token Types

Social Tokens? Fan Tokens? Non-fungible tokens? Understand the different types of tokens and how to use them to connect with your fan base.

Building a Tokenized Business

How tokenization enables a variety of new business opportunities, from direct-to-fan to sponsoring.

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