Utility NFTs for Creator & Sports

NFTs Fan Engagement Creator Economy

Liquiditeam 2021

In this webinar, we explore how you can leverage Utility NFTs to engage your fans and create an independent digital business


This Webinar is for

Sports business C-level executives, particularly CEOs, CDOs, and CMOs
Sports business experts for innovation, fan engagement, digitization, fan relations, and marketing

What It's all about

Utility NFTs (uNFTs) are the next generation of non-fungible tokens. Those rare or even unique digital objects enable creators, athletes and sports organizations to engage their fan bases in new ways. Using uNFTs you can create exclusive experiences and fun perks for your super fans. And they can become an independent new revenue source for you.

What you will learn

Utility NFTs Basics

The new generation of NFTs provides more utility to fans and drive engagement.

Creating Community with NFTs

How you can use NFTs to build a stronger community and a sustainable business.

Sponsored NFTs

Use NFTs to connect your advertising partners and your fan base in novel ways.

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